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USD and EUR counterfeits in very high quality
100s, 50s, 20s

1. About us

These are the terms of FakeNote store. They are the first thing you see for a reason. If you don't like them there are other fish in the sea. If you decide to do business with my store, and then break these terms, your emails and other missives will be ignored.

FakeNote store offers genuine counterfeit currency. We offer USD and EUR as we like keep to what we know. Our asking price is normally around 30%-40% of the face value of your order. The notes can be the denomination of your choice, but understand that lower denominations will cost more. 

2. Product

The notes come in $20s, $50s and $100s. Also €20s and €50s. They look legit and feel legit. They will past most basic tests, but cannot beat checks made by banks. They are not superdollars and lack certain features which make them susceptible to the UV test. Adding these features is possible, but brings with it additional risk as if it is not done to a very precise degree of accuracy the fake becomes obvious. Please note that if a place is using a UV light to check currency you should not be trying to pass fakes there anyway. This makes the feature somewhat redundant. Also keep them away from water. It is impossible to fully replicate a US bank note.

3. Price

We recommend to start with our sample packs:

1 x 100s
1 x 50s
2 x 20s
Total: $100
2 x 50s
5 x 20s
Total: €110

Regular price list:

Amount Cost Amount Cost

4. Guide

These notes won't work in banks or ATMs. Just don't try it. They are high quality, but they are not real and a bank will be able to spot them. No one can produce counterfeits that would pass in a bank. They will work in clubs, shops and just about anywhere else that accept notes. There are good guides on passing counterfeits around the web. Read them.

These notes should not be used with real notes. We understand the urge to blend in a few fake notes with a bunch of real ones. Resist the urge. It makes the fake ones look really really fake.

We are not going to provide any further guidance than that which is offered here. To benefit from our service you need to know what you are doing. If you don't then you need to learn before buying. We don't a babysit.

5. How to trust

Full, independent escrow is accepted. You can choose which one, but it must be reliable.

We will not upload images or other "proofs". This is bullshit. Anyone can download an image of the web and then offer it up as proof. It is very easy to edit or spoof an image anyway. This makes uploaded images useless to you. They are also dangerous to us. Images contain metadata, and metadata if not removed properly can fuck up ones anonymity. Research it yourself if you don't trust this information. Do not ask us for image proofs.

We will not send free samples. If you want to use our time and our product then pay us. Also we are not a charity, and if you think it is clever to ask a criminal to act like a charity then we truly pity you. Don't email us stories about how your mothers pet crocodile died and how your family has been bankrupted by the cost of a pet crocodile funeral to try to get us to donate product. We don't care about your situation.

As for escrow that is quite simple. We will never force a customer to not use escrow or to finalize early. That is not our style of business. Pick a trusted and trustable clearweb escrow and mention it in your email to us. We have to be able to figure out how to use it if we are not already familiar with your choice but that will not be an issue. Bonus points for opensource. If your choice is not suitable we may suggest a different widely trusted escrow or decline to do business. The customer alway pays any escrow related costs. Also note that the price rises up on 20% if you are using escrow.

6. To order

We need following info: Example:
1. What notes? (currency, denominations) 1. 20s USD
2. How many? 2. 40
3. What payment way? 3. Bitcoin

We accept: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin

You have to send order's info to fakenote@safe-mail.net

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